Gratitude, Reminiscence and Love

My name is Dida Frane; I was named after a person who is a symbol of reminiscence, gratitude and love for our family.

I was born in the shipyard in Kotor in 2018.

When they ordered me, they wanted me to be economical, elegant and fast. I am a fibreglass three-hull ship, a unique prototype of my kind in Croatia, intended for the new age.

My three hulls connected by a bridge represent, I believe, my three characteristics: gratitude for the past, awareness for the present, and confidence in the future.

The past binds me by name to our family's first captain, who built the first shipping business and raised the family with his hardworking hands and unwavering heart. As a young man, Frane began his captain adventure with only one dilapidated wooden boat, which he used in the slow times of the "salbunar" to extract sand and trade with it.

However, the present invoked me to a place of awareness between shipping merchant history and thrilling visions of the future and made me feel what cruising excursions might look like.

The future has already revealed its face through the journeys that have happened to me. That is why I believe that tourist sailings are exciting adventures with countless possibilities beyond the usual and expected.

On the day I was supposed to arrive home to Vodice from the Montenegro shipyard, the sea was rough. A forceful, cold, and dry 'tramontana' wind was blowing from the mountains on the north as if it wanted to test how ready I was.

My captain Ante Cukrov Jr. brought me happily to the port, and since that first day of restless sailing, he had confidence in me, just as I, from that day, have faith in him. Ante is reliable, confident and courageous in everything he does.

Of all the three ships in my family's fleet, most often I am the host of weddings, custom-tailored trips, parties, travelling exhibitions, tastings and concerts. I also accompany sporting events, ecological underwater cleaning actions and some important meetings. Just like Ina and Desto, I drive cheerful and smiling people.

They say my lightweight body makes the perfect ship that does not make waves. I think that lack of resistance is what we all sometimes need for sailing, for things to go smoothly and easily.

Because of my bond with the past, present and future, and my speed and agility, I believe my destiny is to be an ambassador of a new, more conscious age, capable of taking people on unforgettable journeys.


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