You Become What You Think About

I am INA, a ship with a royally long list of names and meanings.

I was born in 1983 in Kraljevica, in the former Yugoslavia, as one of 11 Mirna-class steel ships, designed after the shape of rocket gunships they called Sklad.

They gave me the name "PČ-177 Fruška gora", which meant that I was a patrol boat that should guard the territorial line of the Adriatic.
When they painted me military gray, I thought it was a gloomy color for a ship. Day by day, the engineers were dealing with serious topics, and my steel grains began to remember their ore extracted from the ground, and this invocation of nature was healing for me.

My name, Fruška gora, whose slopes are known for their vineyards, made me think of journeys towards unknown horizons.
While I was protecting the border and intercepting fishermen, poachers from Italy and tobacco smugglers from Montenegro, I dreamed of a country I had never seen and thought that life could and should be more than that.

Then came the war and my gray color wrapped me in a storm cloud of uncertainty. However, in 1992, when I intercepted the second Libertas convoy that was carrying aid and support to the city of Dubrovnik, something miraculous happened. In the convoy, among all the other ships, there was one that had special eyes on the bow that I remembered well. That wooden ship was called Desto.

When the war ended, an uncertain fate awaited the military ships in Montenegro. A lot of us ended up in slaughterhouses. Fortunately, I was not cut. I was bought by a trader and carrier with plans to become a supply ship for the oil industry company Ina. I got a new name INA after her. I have finally become white from a gray boat. I really liked that, as well as the name.

My adventure continued when, sixteen years after the first meeting, I was bought by the same family whose boat with beautiful eyes I liked so much. They kept my name and after me they changed the name of their company Desto to Destina and that sounded like fate. I arrived at the place I dreamed of.

I am Ina, a steel ship with steel nerves, the fastest and most modern ship in the middle Adriatic, which never wanted to be a warship.
My captain is Ante Cukrov the Elder, called Desto, a man with steely nerves, calm and serious.
I am a big white ship that transports smiling people on beautiful excursion trips where all my particles of steel whisper to them: "What you think, you become."


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