Believing that there is no true journey through the territory without getting to know the passion of local tastes, we have included several excellent offers in our bar's offer.

Honey from Bulat family farm

Family-run farm Bulat are local beekeepers with 150 LR hives which always move to various localities without developed industry and traffic.

The specificity of these products is manifested in the beautiful pastures that are spread on a real local Dalmatian karst. In this honey offer you can find honey from Kornati sage, honey from Dalmatian sage, heather, thorn, meadow, acacia and honeydew.

Wines "Birin"

Although it has only recently appeared on the market, Birin Winery has a long history. For generations, this family cultivated land with Mediterranean cultures (olive, fig, grapevine and cherry), and the love of wine production developed from a hobby to today's professional production and local winery. Taste the autochthonous varieties of this region, Debit and Maraština from white varieties, and Plavina, Lasin and Babić from black varieties.

Craft beer 022

Šibenik craft brewery with the area code 022 brings vivid and character flavours of four beers worth getting acquainted with, paired with four Šibenik stories.

These sips rich in taste connect you with the city's first mention in 1066, the Šibenik fortress Barone from 1646, the sports passion of basketball player Dražen Petrović with beer 83:82 or with Hertz's story about a donated heart.

Wines "Sladić"

Ante Sladić Winery brings four local varieties, Debit, Maraština, Plavina, Lasina.

From the vineyards at 250 m above sea level, on the border of the Krka National Park, in Plastovo near Skradin, the taste of these boutique wines brings a pleasant acidity and aroma created as a combination of proximity to the river, mountains and sea.

Honey from the Kornati Islands

Seven local beekeepers on the Kornati produce exceptional Kornati sage honey with a high percentage of purity. It was created thanks to the isolated position of the archipelago and the sincerity of the local people.

You can buy a limited offer of this honey in a small luxury craft package as your piece of the taste of the most beautiful Croatian national park.

Olive oil

One of the essential flavours of Dalmatia is the green gold of olive oil. It has long been an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet. Homemade extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil from our family-run farm Divna Cukrov will take you to the world of Dalmatian olive groves with its taste.

Dried figs

In Dalmatia, whose karst has never been rich in food, figs have always been there to satisfy hunger. Fresh and dried figs with equal gratitude were eaten by children who were to grow, and farmers who were to clear fields and dig. This dried fruit has a high nutritional value, slows down the ageing process and promotes vitality and health. In homemade dried figs dried traditionally in the sun, part of this area's secret is locked. Take a piece of Dalmatian sun with you.


Brandy, Croatian "Rakija", is the most famous strong drink of most Slavic peoples and is considered a real cult drink of an entire vast territory. It is produced by distilling fermented fruit.

In addition to familiarizing the micro-local flavours, our offer includes that of Dalmatian origin, distillates of grape ("lozovača") and fig ("smokovača").